Racknet Hosting Technology

To excel in the sphere of web hosting, RackNet utilizes state-of-the-art technology. Our superior web hosting platform coupled with technically sound support staff makes us stand apart from the other players in the market.


Platform build by In-house Experts

To offer effective hosting solutions, we develop our own platforms without depending on third party software or other exterior support system. Our tailor-made systems are maintained by the country’s best developers. This enables us to upgrade our web hosting services in line with the changing needs of our customers.

Some of the fundamental features that make us stand out are:

Customized Institutional control panel.

Programmed setups and provisioning.

A global DNS system.

High quality custom analytical tools.

Storage with no single point of failure.

Support ticketing system incorporated into hosting platform.

Because we built our system from the ground up, we don’t rely on exterior support or contracts, and our staff fully recognizes and work in a straight line with every inch of the system. We’ve also developed powerful custom analytical tools to quickly get to the root of any technical problem for awfully short support turnaround.Our support ticketing system is deeply incorporated into our hosting platform; the moment you elevate a ticket, our systems are already running diagnostics and a affluence of information is positioned at the hands of our able support staff.

Load Balancing & Data Backup

In order to ensure that our services are not impacted when a server goes down, the front-end load on our platform is synchronized with flexible back-end storage. This guarantees uninterrupted speedy service and prevention of data loss.
Any change or new addition made to the database is immediately replicated and stored in different arrays to ensure no web server has a single point of failure. All databases, including website data and emails, are simultaneously updated to a plethora of servers. We also utilize snapshot backups service for VPS to deal with emergencies.

High Quality Hardware

Racknet’s network operates on industry-leading network tools from Cisco Systems for most favourable performance and consistency across the board. We automatically scan for attempted DDoS attacks on our networks, and greatly improve the impact of any attack immediately.

We only use high-spec Dell servers & Intel processors in our data centres, so no matter whether you opt for shared web hosting or a dedicated server, you can rest guaranteed that your website is running on fast, high quality hardware from one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Server Specifications:

Dual Quad Core Intel®Xeon®.

32 GB RAM.

Dual 136 GB SAS Drive (for the operating system).

RAID Mirroring (for the operating system).

Dual Power Supplies.

Quad Gigabit Network Adapters.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

In the domain of operating systems, there cannot be a system more commendable than Red Hat Linux. With an envious track record and remarkable scalability, it is the most sought after operating system in the hosting landscape. To remain updated on system and security issues, we at RackNet operate on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 server technology.

Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

RackNet’s Windows shared hosting platform utilizes Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Our VPS customers can also opt for Windows Server 2012.The Windows Server is an ingenious solution that ensures:

  • Powerful base for network and applications
  • Potent support for web services
  • High Speed and Efficiency

Advanced & Uninterrupted Connectivity.

To ensure uninterrupted net connectivity, RackNet operates on a robust network consisting of innumerous multi – gigabit connections to the internet. When one connection fails, other connections immediately receive all the traffic, thus preventing loss of connectivity. For high-speed internet access, we rely on Tier-1 connections.