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Eagerness to learn and evolve with an alacrity to deliver – we are Racknet. The hunger to grow, the impatience to perform better, and the drive to succeed make us a leading web hosting solutions provider in the country. We strive persistently to craft something spectacular with every opportunity. Our endless dynamism makes it possible for us to collaborate with YOU and deliver amazing results.

We LOVE what we do and that’s why we have been consistently successful in providing unmatched services to thousands of our customers. For us, the tough projects are not limited within the boundaries of a problem as we take every challenge head on and come up with smart solutions that go beyond the expected outcomes.

We believe in smart and big ideas and we create them. Our ethos is to transcend the routine frontiers to bring forth the finest results. The culture of our enterprise climate continuously drives us to push ourselves, excel and attain YOUR business goals. And the pain is worth every ounce its weight in accolades.

Racknet, since its inception in 2013 in India, has been working with the sole concept of ‘SATISFACTION DELIVERED’ for the thousands of customers who come back to us for flawless service delivery. Our interest is not just limited to encourage the ideas of our customers but act on them.

We endeavour to make your business soar the heights of success with an extensive portfolio of customized services and solutions. Our talent pool incorporates a diverse range of professionals from different industry verticals who bring in innovative ideas on the table.

Our range of services is precisely delivered to small and medium companies, entrepreneurs, as well as multinational corporate with complex requirements. Thousands of our customers rely on us every day for influencing their websites, emails, applications, database and much more.

The Racknet attitude of innovative and responsible success motivates us to involve our clients in all aspects of our products and services ranging from new features and improvement suggestions to individual support staff ratings. It helps us to modify, achieve, and ultimately transform our clients’ targets into a brilliant reality.

Our customer orientation helps in streamlining the process of service delivery with increased functionality and sustains our reputation as a market leader.