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Racknet Dedicated Hosting Features

Security Features
One Click Installation
Latest Programming Language Supported
Daily Backups
Free server migration
Database & MySQL
E-commerce Compatible
99.9% Uptime
24x7x365 Support
DNS Management
Stats and Analytics
Cron Jobs
Fully Managed
SSH, Shell Access
Latest Programming Language Supported
45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Racknet Shared Hosting Features

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Racknet Dedicated Web Hosting for Fail-safe Server Environment

Are you finding it tough to provide a safe shelter to your robust game server, nifty database server, busy website, or any other tenacious applications? Thankfully, those nightmares will be soon over once you explore the Racknet portfolio of dedicated web hosting services. A comprehensive collection of streamlined features, our Dedicated Server solutions provide root access and full control for every serious developer and significant assignment projects.

Why Racknet Is the Best Choice for Your Business?
Premium features at highly competitive rates – Exclusive server solutions always need not be expensive! If it sounds impossible, think again! At Racknet, we provide state-of-the-art technological features with a 24×7 backup support.

With the powerful and reliable Dedicated Server, superior performance is guaranteed even for the most complex websites. Its key features include the following:

Superior Hardware – Zero compromise with quality. We provide high-end branded servers with state-of-the-art Intel and Dell technology.

100Mbps Connection – With your Dedicated Server including 100Mbps Internet connection, it is pretty much like owning a hired line.

99.99% Uptime SLA – Your peace of mind is ensured with our service level agreement of 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Unlimited bandwidth translates into endless peace of mind for users as there is no worry about hitting limits.

Secure Data Centers – All Dedicated Servers are located at our secure data centres in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Why Choose A Dedicated Server?

Root access & full control for serious developers & assignment significant projects

Powerful Servers

Our Dedicated Servers are built for any application, so whether you’re running a game server, busy website, database server or something else completely, you can rely on high-quality Intel CPUs, reliable storage capacity and fast I/O.

No Hidden Costs

Your Racknet Internet Dedicated Server is set up completely free of charge, and you can pay monthly or yearly by debit or credit card. There are no lock-in contracts to worry about either.

Secure & Reliable

All our Dedicated Servers are set up with hardware level mirroring. In the highly improbable event of a disk failure, this means your Dedicated Server will continue to function normally.

Dedicated Server Backups

Our voluntary backup service makes the space available as a network drive on your server. Copy files to the space manually or use your favoured backup program to fully computerize the process.

Full Control

Enjoy full control over your hosting – you’re free to install any legal software you like. Full root access and your choice of OS (start with a Linux CentOS or Windows Server base) give you endless options.

Servers & Support

All Dedicated Servers are deployed by our skilled and knowledgeable support staff and engineers who scrutinize both hardware and network 24×7 to ensure best possible service levels and supreme reliability.

Powerful, Reliable Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting for multifaceted websites offering the most recent dedicated server technology for the large website looking for utmost performance.

Features at a glance

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Connection
  • Hardware RAID
  • Dell & Intel Servers
  • Free Set-Up
  • Secure UK Data Centres


The Racknet Advantages:

  • Easy Payment and No Hidden Costs – The free set-up with no hidden costs and lock-in contracts makes Racknet a feasible choice for customers. You can pay monthly or annually by debit or credit card.
  • Foolproof Backups – Our uninterrupted backup service makes the space available as a network drive on your server. You can make use of that additional space by manually copying files or employing a backup program.
  • Reliable and Secure – Set us with hardware level mirroring our Dedicated Servers continue to function normally even in the highly improbable event of a disk failure.
  • Full Control – Enjoy complete control over hosting with full root access. Explore unlimited options as you can install any legal software or an OS of your choice (you can start with Linux CentOS or Windows Server base).
  • 24×7 Server Support – Deployed by our expert team of engineers, both the hardware and network are monitored 24×7 for premium fail-safe service nonstop.
  • Built for all reasons and requirements, Racknet provides unrivalled Dedicated web hosting.

1. How long will it take for my Dedicated Server to be set up?

All Dedicated Servers are set up without human intervention once your payment has been processed. As your server is mechanically built for you with the operating system of your choice, you should expect your server to be available 30 – 60 minutes after you have placed your order.

2. Do you have any limitations on what I can use my server for?

No, as long as anything you do on the server abides with law, and then you are free to use the server for any purpose.

3. Do I have to sign up to an annual contract?

The minimum term is one month, and you may terminate at any time.

4. Do you charge a set up fee?

No, we don’t charge any set up fees.

5. How can I pay for my dedicated server?

Our preferred payment option for Dedicated Server is by direct debit and our pricing policy reflects this through a direct debit discount as standard. We also accept MasterCard, Visa & Maestro. We do not accept cheque, postal orders, standing orders or cash.

6. Do you charge VAT?

Yes, all prices are plus VAT at –%.

7. Do I get an invoice?

Yes. Invoices are available to view and print at any time in your control panel.

8. What type of hardware do you use?

All of our Dedicated Servers utilise genuine Dell PowerEdge servers & Intel Processors, unlike other companies using “homemade” servers using home computing motherboards in fabricated boxes.

9. Do you provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

All our dedicated servers come with a 99.99% uptime SLA. You can find out more on our Service Level Agreement page.

10. What level of access do I have to my server?

You have full root or administrator rights to manage and access your server.

11. Where will my server be located?

All our dedicated servers are based in our Data Centres @ Mumbai & Hyderabad. Find out more on our Data Centre page.

12. Is there any software installed on the server to help me configure it?

If you have chosen our Linux CentOS installation then we automatically install WebMin. WebMin is a web based control panel that allows you to do system administration tasks such as configure Apache or set up users. If you are selling web hosting or want the easiest management possible then we would suggest you add cPanel to your server.

13. How much bandwidth do I get?

Your server comes with a 100Mb connection to the Internet (10,2400 Kbps), It’s just like having your own hired line. You can transfer as much data as you like within your 100Mb line. Don’t get this confused with your broadband at home or work; you don’t share your 100Mb with anyone else. 100Mb is a huge amount of bandwidth which can support a very busy website, it roughly translates to 25,600GB of bandwidth a month.

14. Can you configure a secure server/SSL certificate on my server for me?

Yes we can set up SSL on your server for you including all configuration and installing the certificate. We offer 3 different types of certificates:

Simple SSL Rs.– per year

Low cost security ideal for any small business website.

Standard SSL Rs. — per year

Perfect for business start ups & small sites looking for personalised security & to give visitors extra reassurance.

15. Can I install my own SSL certificate on my server?

Yes, as you have source/administrator access you can install any software/certificates you like.

16. Can I have Windows Server Standard 2008?

Yes, Windows Server Standard 2008 is available for an additional fee on any Windows dedicated server.

17. Can you install Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard Edition?

Yes, Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard Edition is available, the most modern version of MS SQL is Microsoft SQL 2012 which is the default version installed. We can install this fully licensed at the following rate:

Microsoft SQL Server per month:

–  Credit Card: Rs.–

–  Direct Debit: Rs.–

Microsoft SQL Server per year

–  Credit Card: Rs.–

–  Direct Debit:  Rs.—

18. Does the server run disk mirroring?

Yes, all our servers are set up with hardware level mirroring. In the improbable event of a disk failure, this means your server will continue to operate normally.

19. Do you offer a backup service?

Yes, you can buy space in 10GB and 100GB blocks. Our backup service makes the space available as a network drive on your server so you can copy files to the space manually or you can use your favourite backup program. 10GB of space costs Rs. — per month and 100GB costs Rs.–  per month.

20. Do I have to run my own name servers?

No, you can continue to use our name servers. Simply update your A Name and C Name records to point at your server. If you want to run your own reliable server you are welcome to do so.

21. Can I resell Dedicated Servers?

Yes, you are free to resell Dedicated Servers to your clients. The server’s hostname does not include Racknet Internet, meaning that your client does not need to know about us. We even include a white label control panel so your customers can reboot their server and view bandwidth graphs. You automatically receive our month-to-month contract option (with no commitments after that month) as a Racknet Reseller reselling dedicated servers.

22. How many IP addresses do I get with my server?

Your server included one IP address as standard and we set this up for you. You can add another IP address for free through the option in the “Manage Dedicated Servers” area of your control panel. If you need more IP addresses you can buy these for Rs.– each per year

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