Gone are those days, at the time when SMBs had been managed using unsophisticated or primary resources. In today’s leading-edge business enterprise environment, that ideology has been changed. In modern-day’s SMBs are expanding quickly and hence the needs are also changing to complex needs. Despite this, it’s difficult to stay competitive with fast-track technology changes, and the majority of SMBs find it tough to emphasize more on flourishing their business enterprises. These concerns may be owing to a need for internal IT provisions or lack of expertise or SMBs may have enormous tasks that require to be taken care of. Being a small-medium company, you should work more on prospering your project rather than administering a web server.

In today’s cloud computing and technology-acclimatized age, businesses are forced to prefer fully administrated VPS server hosting in order to keep ahead of the current trends. Fully managed VPS server providers are here to help in growing your company.

How could a fully managed VPS server save you bucks?

Fully managed VPS providers are in great demand, particularly among SMB owners. Amongst the most important reasons to blame for it is – the growing costs of purchasing and managing a hosting server. Additionally, managing a server won’t lead to added expenses but also lead to tiresome work and considerable space. Hence, once your business enterprise starts growing, you’ll need to focus more on other important tasks and let someone have to look after system administration. A well-managed VPS provider will help you out with this by streamlining the business enterprise processes and making it simple and easy to handle a successfully performing website.

As an SMB what must you know about VPS server Hosting?

Fundamentally VPS hosting offers an entirely allocated server with assigned resources, not typical of regular web host services where there’re plenty of servers with limited resources that are shared among other websites present on the server.

In simple words, VPS hosting virtually epitomizes dedicated server environs inside a shared server. VPS hosting is normally lower in cost as compared to dedicated WebHost but serves better consistency, security, and performance in comparison with the shared web hosting.

What exactly is a Fully Managed VPS server hosting?

A fully managed VPS server hosting helps you to stay on top of your competitors with no more need to administer the system because a fully managed VPS system provider is orchestrating software upgrades, security patch upgrades, and also deploying those patches to the servers and taking care of other administrative challenges on a day-to-day basis. These hosting solutions also take care of important technical chores like configuring the systems, data storage, security, data backups, etc.

Different kinds of Managed VPS hosting could be Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), or Dedicated.

What’s the distinction between managed VPS server hosting and unmanaged VPS server hosting?

With a fully managed VPS server hosting you need to take care of fewer governance tasks since managed VPS hosting providers deal with varied tasks like safeguarding and updating software, backups, CDN, storage, CPUs, SSDs, etc. which are normally pre-configured.

On the contrary, with unmanaged VPS server hosting you’ve to look after all the tasks of managing your company and server, you need to have a considerable understanding of servers and solve the server-related issues on your own and your hosting provider will only look after the physical server.

Racknet serves solutions for all your business enterprise demands under one roof. If you’re searching for a fully managed VPS Pune, then consider our modern, state-of-the-art VPS infrastructure in place.

Check out for whom our fully Managed VPS Server is right for?

All the following business organizations should prefer adopting a fully managed VPS server –

The company sites that receive medium-level traffic that surpasses the limits of shared web hosting packages but having said that they don’t need the dedicated server resources.
E-commerce websites receive a lot of traffic and they want provisions to cope with the traffic all the time. A fully managed VPS server Pune is there to help.
Websites with a high number of visitors also need lots of space as well as resources; for these websites managed VPS system is the best alternative.

Racknet’s fully managed VPS server offers the following strong points:

  1. Rapid server monitoring: Detects bugs or interruptions in network traffic or any type of security threats before they can harm a system, subsequently steadily supporting your business administration. CPU usage, OS usage, and disk usage are also monitored regularly.
  2. 24 * 7*365 technical support: You can be sure of 24*7*365 technical support from our expertise so that they can sort out any type of issue in minutes and help you in keeping your website up and running.
  3. World-class security: Racknet delivers a top-notch security system to resolve security issues.
  4. Affordable VPS servers: Our fully managed VPS hosts help in reducing the overall system management costs by bringing down the complete business operation costs.
  5. Intuitive control panel: Our user-oriented and simple-to-use UI allows you to access and manage admin-level tasks seamlessly.
  6. Fully managed dedicated VPS server: Our fully managed dedicated VPS server offers a single-tenancy environment, where a single customer can host their website/(s) or web application/(s). The user has out-and-out control over the server as well as the amenities.
  7. Automates Backup: Using automated backups, you can extend uninterrupted services and also minimize the risk of any type of data loss.
  8. Ability to scale seamlessly: For any SMB having a scalable VPS hosting system is very crucial, which enables you to scale your corporation and reach new heights. No need to spend any extra cost on deploying servers and hiring & training employees for the same.
  9. Fully Managed Windows VPS servers as well as fully managed Linux VPS servers: Premium Windows or Linux hosting environs including cPanel, Plesk, or InterWorx, 24*7*365 Support, and additional provisioning.
  10. 99.9% server uptime: Our cloud infrastructure offers 99.9% uptime to keep your website up and running.
    Zero noisy neighbors: Zero noisy neighbors invading your space/hindering your storage and the traffic coming to your site.


A fully managed VPS server provider deals with a whole lot of things from system configuration and data backups to server management on behalf of you. So that it frees you up from a lot of stress and lets you give more time to look after other important things. You won’t get such type of benefits with conventional web hosting infrastructure!

Contact Racknet’s sales team Today!!! to elate your business to a whole new level using our latest out-of-the-box fully managed VPS Pune offerings!!!


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